BASILICA OF THE SACRED JESUS ​​HEART – KAWĘCZYŃSKA 53 The church was built in the years 1907–1923 according to the design of Łukasz Wolski.

The founder of the church was Michał Piotr Radziwiłł, but the initiator of the construction was his wife Maria from Kieżgajłłów-Zawiszów Radziwiłł. On June 30, 1904, the Duchess received a blessing from Pope Pius X for the construction of the basilica. And the handwritten document is still kept in the archives of the parish. The first stage of construction works lasted until 1914, when World War I broke out. Construction was resumed in 1919 under the supervision of Hugo Kuder and continued throughout the interwar period.

Princess Maria’s wish was that the temple should also be an educational center for children and adolescents. However, it turned out to be possible only after the death of the duchess. She bequeathed in her will all the property, including the basilica, to Cardinal August Hlond. The donation was transferred the parish and the basilica along with all the property to the Salesians for eternity.

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