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Week schedule at Praga

Monday Deyna na ul. Inżynierskiej 4 Wtorek Grzejnik Równa 9 Środa Wielka Gęś Brzeska 14 The Great Goose mural has almost become an icon of street art in Praga. A colorful painting placed on an old tenement house at 14 Brzeska Street shows a large, white goose surrounded by funny creatures and animals. Czwartek Warsaw […]

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New Film: 81 Stopni (81 degrees)

We are pleased to present another film related to Praga Północ. This time we took a peek into the artistic space: ,,81 degrees”, which is the workplace of exceptional artists, but also an art gallery and the office of the Hokus Pokus Association. The gallery The gallery connects creative people, remains open to various artistic […]

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BASILICA OF THE SACRED JESUS ​​HEART – KAWĘCZYŃSKA 53 The church was built in the years 1907–1923 according to the design of Łukasz Wolski. The founder of the church was Michał Piotr Radziwiłł, but the initiator of the construction was his wife Maria from Kieżgajłłów-Zawiszów Radziwiłł. On June 30, 1904, the Duchess received a blessing […]

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