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Street Art at Praga

Street Art – definition The definition of Street Art indicates that it is a field of art that includes works created in public space. The term “street art” was first used by A. Schwartz in the mid-nineties, which gave rise to a new form of art. We mean graffiti, murals, art interventions, throws or stickers. […]

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list of places

  • Street Art at Praga

  • I love Praga – Mural

  • Mural radiator

  • Columns

  • Warsaw Fight Club – Mural

  • Flags in 11 Listopada street 22

  • Mural Playground

  • Deyna at Inżynierska street 4

  • Angels on Ząbkowska street

  • White Goose

  • Pink Creatures

  • Mural Temple at Mała 8

  • Mural at Szwedzka 2/4

  • Plakaciary posters

  • Ania at Stalowa 50

  • Deyna at Brzeska street

  • Desperados at Ząbkowska 2

  • Praga Bag at 3 Inżynierska Street