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An intriguing mural in ul. Stalowa 46 was created in 2012 as part of the “This Way” project carried out on the occasion of Euro 2012 by the City of Warsaw, the Vlep [v] net Foundation and the Pedagogy and Social Animation Group. The mural was created by the Ukrainian artist Wulfius Dmytro, who created this work together with the children The children were prepared for painting through a series of workshops at the V9 community center, during which they learned about the techniques of stencils, posters and screen printing.

The painting on Stalowa Street shows Greek columns, some of them are standing and some are broken. Some are ended with red balloons or balls. On one of the columns you can see a green and blue gorilla that “guards” the wall of the building.

As part of the “This Way” project, inspired by the football championships, the mural “Wielka Gęś” was also created.

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Columns, ul. Stalowa 46

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