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who are we?

Stacja Praga is an initiative that gave birth
out of a passion for Praga and its inhabitants,
courtyards and a unique atmosphere.

We create a place of integration and activation. Without bloat and
for everyone.

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The Targowa Creativity Center is launching the 2nd edition of the Warsaw Creative Slam program, where you can present your project or business idea and receive support in refining it during the program. Awards are available for the best ideas and projects! Are you active or looking for your place in the creative industry? Or […]

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Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Join us on June 21st and take part in a relaxing Japanese calligraphy workshop! Japanese calligraphy, SHODŌ, has been cultivated in Japan for centuries. It is still practiced and applied in many daily life situations and taught in schools. Those who practice calligraphy see it as a way to calm down, focus, and slow down […]

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Welcome to the third edition of the Engineers’ Festival – an extraordinary event that uncovers the charm and history of Praga Północ.  Our courtyard celebration will take place as always in the historic buildings on Inżynierska Street, where every day we create a space full of inspiration and creativity together. Join our creative team or […]

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About the place

We would like to present our creative and artistic space in Praga Północ. As the Stacja Praga Association, we decided to breathe new life into old, abandoned garages and turn them into the heart of Warsaw Street Art. The rooms that we have adapted thanks to cooperation with various artists offer endless arrangement possibilities. Therefore, our place is constantly changing depending on the events we organize or people who want to use the space for their projects.

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The city game is our own game, thanks to which you will get to know Praga better. Atmospheric backyards, challenges and tasks. It is impossible to get bored with us!

The city game includes a series of tasks and puzzles. Check if you will find yourself in real Praga atmosphere!

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