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who are we?

Stacja Praga is an initiative that gave birth
out of a passion for Praga and its inhabitants,
courtyards and a unique atmosphere.

We create a place of integration and activation. Without bloat and
for everyone.

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Human in harmony with Nature presents:Homo s̷a̷p̷i̷e̷n̷s̷ conscious: Station Earth

Human in harmony with Nature presents:Homo s̷a̷p̷i̷e̷n̷s̷ conscious: Station Earth– festival October 27-29– art exhibition October 27-November 10 Stacja Praga, Zaokopowa 5  ───── free entrance ───── The end of October is a holiday associated with death. We approach it both contemplatively, remembering the deceased, and with a sense of detachment towards mortality through play and […]

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Ceramics workshop at Stacja Praga – 26.10

We invite you to ceramic workshops at Stacja Prague!The host will be our wonderful and reliable Marina Litwinowa – Byliszka.ceramics. We start meeting the cops next Thursday!On the evening of October 26, Stacja Praga will be transformed into a mini ceramics workshop, where you will be able to make something small that will serve you […]

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Large pot… of support – Saturday’s event at Stacja Praga

Hi! We invite all enthusiasts for whom Stacja Praga is a place of unique meetings, long-term friendship and a large dose of creativity.As you probably know, the operation of the Station in the well-known place at Zaokopowa 5 is at risk. This is sad news for us, so let’s meet and together show that the […]

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About the place

We would like to present our creative and artistic space in Praga Północ. As the Stacja Praga Association, we decided to breathe new life into old, abandoned garages and turn them into the heart of Warsaw Street Art. The rooms that we have adapted thanks to cooperation with various artists offer endless arrangement possibilities. Therefore, our place is constantly changing depending on the events we organize or people who want to use the space for their projects.

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The city game is our own game, thanks to which you will get to know Praga better. Atmospheric backyards, challenges and tasks. It is impossible to get bored with us!

The city game includes a series of tasks and puzzles. Check if you will find yourself in real Praga atmosphere!

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