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Stacja Praga is an initiative that gave birth
out of a passion for Praga and its inhabitants,
courtyards and a unique atmosphere.

We create a place of integration and activation. Without bloat and
for everyone.

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Exhibition titled ‘Extras’ by Przemysław Sieńko PRAKTIS

“(…) Their faces appear as if blurred, yet strangely distinct, deceptively resembling the countenances of human beings caught in perpetual motion. They defy the specter of passing time, flawlessly adapting their appearance to the era in which they find themselves existing. (…) Last Friday marked the inauguration of the exhibition titled ‘Extras’ by Przemysław Sieńko […]

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Freakmarket Warsaw #19″ is happening today

Freakmarket Warsaw #19″ is happening today! Come to Praga Station, where independent markets have been passionately organized from the grassroots for the past 5 years, running from 12 PM to 7 PM! 🔥 This edition is inspired by the equinox and the abundance of the diverse people showcasing their creations. We’re sharing our DIY products, […]

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An invitation for the exhibition – Praktis – Extras

On behalf of us and the artist Przemysław PRAKTIS Sieńko, we invite you to the extraordinary exhibition “Extras” https://www.facebook.com/events/1356960638567395EXTRAS – a creation of the artist’s imagination, depicting the abyss of non-existence as a background for the gray mass. Born from deep darkness and destructive thoughts and undesirable feelings that do not leave it, it takes […]

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Featured projects


The city game is our own game, thanks to which you will get to know Praga better. Atmospheric backyards, challenges and tasks. It is impossible to get bored with us!

The city game includes a series of tasks and puzzles. Check if you will find yourself in real Praga atmosphere!

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