Virtual Praga

About the project

The implementation of the task assumed the creation of a multimedia compendium of knowledge about selected historical locations in Warsaw’s Praga district. As part of the project, we created a website rich in extensive knowledge in 4 thematic areas (street art, post-industrial, architecture and Prague chapels) along with attractive, artistic photos.

Virtual tours

In addition, in addition to the above-discussed compendium of knowledge, the project has prepared a set of virtual walks (in the same thematic areas), which are an extraordinary and innovative way of presenting materials and knowledge. The walks in question can be found on the Internet at: https://stacjapraga.pl/spacery/.

A permanent creative effect of the project is the development of a new multimedia space enabling culture recipients to use cultural resources online, thanks to instant and free access to historical content and materials.


As part of the project, as many as four audio-video publications were made available to recipients free of charge in electronic form on the Youtube channel. Each of them presents other heroes who, with their work,

The films are available at the link: https://www.youtube.com/c/stacjapraga



Wirtual walk

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