373 Praga’s Birthday

Artists for Praga

Our beloved Praga turned 373 years on February 10! As part of the event “Artists for Prague – 373rd birthday!” we invited artists related to our district to work together and celebrate. Colorful, carnival, rich and feminine, so as to give an antidote to a tense reality.

It is the artists who largely contribute to the unique and exceptional character of the district. As part of the festival, we will ask artists to prepare occasional artistic works related to the Prague birthday celebrations. As the Association does not yet have the space available to residents, the works prepared in this way will be presented at the exhibition in the gallery of the cafe “4 Pokoje” at ul. Wileńska. A special event website will also be installed there, informing about the celebration of the 373rd birthday of Prague. In addition, our initiative promoting the birthday of Praga is joined by other places – incl. cafes “Stay”, “Process Kawki”, “Trzy kruki”, which will include in their offer special items thematically referring to the birthday of Prague (including the birthday Praska Coffee or a cake).

We made a video and 3d walk published on the website and facebook profiles of people and organizations involved in the ceremony. You can find them below.



Wirtual walk

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