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Confrontation of Artistic Arts

nd environments. It is an opportunity for exchanging experiences and joyful cooperation. A ring smeared with red paint in some places, in some places - a museum of modern art. Praga is famous for its contrasts, and we like sharp combinations, especially when it comes to interesting styles, personalities and initiatives. KSA are artistic meetings, during which teams of artists from various fairy tales, teasers and studios will clash in a friendly confrontation on brushes, spears and hot glue! During the meeting, using canvases, paints, drippers, knives, stencils, acrylic, silicone, abandoned toys and recycling items, they created unique paintings and installations within the proposed theme

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YouTube Stacja Praga

Among the members of the Association, we can find numerous film and photography enthusiasts. For this reason, artistic and creative activities were also focused on the area of creating video materials! We invite you to subscribe to our Youtube channel! In the first production carried out by the Praga station, the last days of work of the Wiklina plant, run by Mr. Sylwester for over 25 years in Praga, were captured. These and other personal stories make people who have so far not been interested in Praga feel sentimental about it. Thanks to such activities, we also record the recent history of the district for future generations.

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Public consultation

As the Praga Station Association, we are an active member of the District Commission for Social Dialogue, which consults issues concerning the district's residents. The Association also actively participates in consultations for the project in the form of public-private partnership entitled: "Development of the Praga area - restoration of post-industrial facilities". The representative of the Association also participates in the work of the Industry Social Dialogue Committee for Culture.

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373 Praga’s Birthday

Our beloved Praga turned 373 years on February 10! As part of the event "Artists for Prague - 373rd birthday!" we invited artists related to our district to work together and celebrate. Colorful, carnival, rich and feminine, so as to give an antidote to a tense reality.

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Chess Tournament

Praga Chess Tournament was organized on the occasion of the 373th birthday. The first time we used the online formula to organize the competition, using the services of the portal. The rules of the tournament were based on the Swiss formula, Blitz pace (5 minutes per game + 2 seconds for each move) and included 7 rounds. Participation in the tournament was free.

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Summer creative workshops

As part of the creative space, we have prepared a place to work and present their works by Prague Street Art artists. It was a unique opportunity to get to know people who create the unique, artistic character of our district. In the open space, Praga artists created the art "here and now" inspired by the themes of meetings.

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Mural Kocham Pragę

Virtual Praga

The implementation of the task assumed the creation of a multimedia compendium of knowledge about selected historical locations in Warsaw's Praga district. As part of the project, we created a website rich in extensive knowledge in 4 thematic areas (street art, post-industrial, architecture and Prague chapels) along with attractive, artistic photos. This knowledge can be found on the Internet at:

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