Confrontation of Artistic Arts

The Confrontation of Artistic Arts is a meeting of different creative worlds, different philosophies, techniques and environments. It is an opportunity for exchanging experiences and joyful cooperation. A ring smeared with red paint in some places, in some places – a museum of modern art.
Praga is famous for its contrasts, and we like sharp combinations, especially when it comes to interesting styles, personalities and initiatives. KSA are artistic meetings, during which teams of artists from various fairy tales, teasers and studios will clash in a friendly confrontation on brushes, spears and hot glue!
During the meeting, using canvases, paints, drippers, knives, stencils, acrylic, silicone, abandoned toys and recycling items, they created unique paintings and installations within the proposed theme

Topics of meetings


KSA vol. 1 – Praskie historie i wiersze

KSA. vol. 2: – Historia motoryzacji

KSA. vol. 3: – Bazar Różyckiego

As the finale of the event, an exhibition was organized, from which we prepared a 3D walk (available at the bottom).

We also invite you to watch the YT film summarizing the KSA project – Confrontation of Artistic Arts.

The series was initiated by the Praga Station Association.
The project is co-financed under the competition: Culture, art, protection of cultural assets and national heritage – 2021 announced by the Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.



Wirtual walk

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