YouTube Stacja Praga

Among the members of the Association, we can find numerous film and photography enthusiasts. For this reason, artistic and creative activities were also focused on the area of creating video materials! We invite you to subscribe to our Youtube channel! In the first production carried out by the Praga station, the last days of work of the Wiklina plant, run by Mr. Sylwester for over 25 years in Praga, were captured. These and other personal stories make people who have so far not been interested in Praga feel sentimental about it. Thanks to such activities, we also record the recent history of the district for future generations.

Praski Street Art

Galeria 81

We strongly encourage you to visit our YT channels! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxl6vuTwp6vpEuiUEwXxKVQ



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