Warsaw Fight Club – Mural

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Warsaw Fight Club is a mural of a world-class artist from Ireland – Conor Harrington.

Mural is located in Środkowa Street 17. It shows the scene of a fight between two men, dressed in traditional clothes from the 19th century. Although they look like aristocrats, the way they fight is reminiscent of a fight straight from the Fight Club or the backyard of Warsaw’s Praga.

The work is a part of the Fight Club series, which also could be found in New York and London.

About the artist

Conor Harrington is a street artist known for both his street work and, more recently, his work in the gallery. He believes that in the case of his work in the open air, the larger the piece of work or mural, the greater the impact it has on the viewer. He presents himself not as a street or gallery artist, but as a painter. His works are a mix of classical and contemporary art, he brings them together in a new and inventive way.

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Warsaw Fight Club Mural, Środkowa 17

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