Flags in 11 Listopada street 22

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The courtyard on 11 Listopada Street is a true field of art. On each wall we can find something interesting, there are many unique places, incl. Clouds or Bottle Store. Interesting paintings and creative interventions could not be missing in such a place. One of them are the flags that we will see just outside the main gate.

This painting is especially eye-catching, it shows hands holding up flags of various countries, including Poland, Tibet or Syria.

The work was created in 2009 by Dariusz Paczkowski. In 2017, the mural was destroyed by unknown perpetrators, but fortunately it was repainted.

About the artist

Dariusz Paczkowski is an activist of many non-governmental organizations, graffiti artist and performer. He is involved in numerous actions for democracy and human rights, minorities and ecology.

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Flags,, 11 Listopada nr. 22

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