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This is a unique installation with a unique history. Kazimierz Deyna, the star of Polish football and the idol of crowds, in a representative T-shirt from the 70s. This is an installation that appeared in Warsaw’s Praga on October 27, 2015. Its authors are Paweł Althamer, Rafał Żurek, Roman Stańczak, Julia “Matejka” Althamer and Brunon Althamer. The sculpture was placed in front of the entrance to the Offside bar at 16 Brzeska Street. The installation was admired by both Praga residents and tourists.

One day, however, the sculpture’s fate hung in the balance. It was related to the renovation of the building next door. Construction machinery was in motion, and the statue of Deyna miraculously did not land in a debris container. The mobilization of the owner of the Offside bar, the fans and the CEOs of AKS Zły stopped the construction management and at the last minute the installation was transported to a safe place. After two years, the construction works were completed and Deyna was able to safely return to Brzeska. Funds proved to be a problem. Then, however, Zły was recognized by UEFA as the best amateur club in Europe. The club from Szmulki gained publicity. The president of the Fundacja im. Kazimierz Deyna – Mr. Janusz Dorosiewicz, who brought Kazio’s ashes to Warsaw. In an interview with AKS representatives, he emphasized that he is close to what Zły does and that he will gladly support the club in its activities. AKS replied: “Mr. Janusz – maybe it will surprise you, but we have Kazik in the garden. It’s time for him to return to his place on Brzeska Street. “

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Deyna, Brzeska 16, 03-737 Warszawa,

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