Desperados at Ząbkowska 2

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A large-format mural with three-dimensional, moving elements. The colors of the mural are quite flashy and are associated with sunny Jamaica. The mural was made by the participants of the workshops organized by Desperados “Grants for creations”.

It is worth mentioning the controversial mural that existed in this place before. The work with an area of ​​approximately 1,200 m2 was created in early December 2016. The mural was commissioned by Lotta Wedel, and its author was Monika Urbańska. The works were advertised as: The largest mural in Europe. In the end, the mural turned out to be an illegal advertisement, and not an artistic work, as was announced.

“The consent was issued for two projects for Wedel and two other projects in Praga. In the design for which we had given our consent, there was no logo, no element that would indicate that it was a brand mural. We asked the Inspectorate to take action in this matter. We hope that the condition before painting the Wedel advertising mural will be restored. ” – explained the spokesman for the city, Bartosz Milczarczyk. The commercial showed a scene that happened 80 years ago. In 1936, the chief technologist of the Wedel plant introduced the factory owner, Jan Wedel, to a new foam – marshmallow.

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Desperados, Ząbkowska 2, 03-730 Warszawa

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