Street Art at Praga

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Street Art – definition

The definition of Street Art indicates that it is a field of art that includes works created in public space. The term “street art” was first used by A. Schwartz in the mid-nineties, which gave rise to a new form of art. We mean graffiti, murals, art interventions, throws or stickers. In fact, this form has no limitations, it is free in its nature. It leaves the creator full freedom. Street art most often aims to evoke emotions and reactions of the recipient, to be drawing his attention to the problem or issue undertaken by the artist.

Why we have so many street art in Praga?

Because Praga Północ has it! This district is real, without pomposity, sincere. Everyone can and must be themselves here. Praga district of Warsaw has been overlooked for many years, sometimes forgotten. The pre-war buildings were awaiting restoration, while all resources were thrown into rebuilding the capital from the devastation of World War II. The whole nation built the capital, but focused on its left-bank part. In recent decades, the gray walls of dilapidated tenement houses began to scream for help, to which the artists responded. The walls of the district became the perfect backdrop for artistic activities. Street Art is undoubtedly a good reason to visit Praga.

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