White Goose

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The “Wielka Gęś” , “White Goose” mural has become almost an icon of street art in Praga. A colorful painting placed on an old tenement house at 14 Brzeska Street shows a large, white goose surrounded by funny creatures and animals. Each of them was invented by children in the This Way project, as part of which many other interesting works were created in the district.

The project implemented in 2012 on the occasion of the European football championships held in Poland brought together respected street art artists such as: Eltono, Diego Miedo, Nuria Mora, Kwiatuchi, Clever, FRM KID, Mrufig, Otecki and Szum together with young talents (including children from the GPAS Association).

About the artist

Diego Miedo, born and creating in Naples, is responsible for the creation of the “Big Goose”, and the project This way – was inspired by Euro 2012 and was created for people who did not have a chance to enter stadiums and watch the match live.

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Big goose

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