Mural Temple at Mała 8

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The mural at ul. Mała 8 is another form of street art that was created as part of the Street Art Doping campaign in 2018. It shows a chapel in which the Mother of God is not located exceptionally. Instead of a sacred image, we could see a pixelated, three-dimensional image.

About authors

The author of this mural is the German duo Low Bros, inspired by Praga’s places of worship:

“The digital generation is used to browsing information layers. The top layer in our work shows an abstract photo of the sanctuary of Our Lady surrounded by flowers. This pixel mosaic is an invitation to arrange the world of your idea, the world of the 21st century.”

In their works, the artists present one of the most unique forms of aesthetics in contemporary street art. Whether we look forward or backward, the conflicts of progress and traditionalism are at the center of their creative direction. Low Bros. suggest that our generation is full of fluidity; able to slip in and out of different roles. They have a unique style that is expressive, lively, they play with light and shadow with ease.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lowbros

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Mural Temple Mała street 8

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