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The brick chapel is on the wall at the entrance to the second courtyard. Behind the glass door, a figure of the Virgin Mary, illuminated and decorated with artificial flowers, was placed. The chapel was built in the spring of 1944. It was built by Antoni Korbut, one of the inhabitants of the building. The tenement house itself was built at the beginning of the 20th century for Mordka Wildenberger.

While looking for information about the chapel, we found its story told by one of the tenement house’s inhabitants:

“Once upon a time, the inhabitants of tenement houses were small communities, everyone knew each other. Common prayers were also a tradition.
To encourage hearts and as a place of common prayers in the spring of 1944, a chapel was built at ul. Brzeska 9.
The cement was brought by tram with her father, then 14-year-old Halinka, who lived with her parents in this tenement house.
Her father, Antoni Korbut, built a chapel and rebuilt Warsaw after the war. Among others, the W-Z Route, where his name appears on the list of builders.
Five years later, Halinka married a friend from the yard, Jurek Słopecki (my father’s older brother).
Despite several occasions, she never wanted to move out of the tenement house. To this day, he lives on the first floor above the chapel and has been taking care of it continuously for 73 years. Currently, it uses the help of residents more and more often.
Iwona Słopecka Urban, born and raised in Praga at Brzeska 9, a graduate of Władek ”.

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Kapliczka Brzeska 9, Warszawa

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