Loesje na ul.Stalowej 38

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“The longer you wait for the future, the shorter it will be.”

The first mural created in Poland by the Loesje group.

Loesje (pronounced Luszje, meaning Lusia in Polish) is a team that organizes creative writing workshops and creates a slogan that makes you think. The movement was born from a group of friends and was intended to be a response to a bad political advisor in the Netherlands in the 1980s. The initiative gained momentum, today identify Loesje groups in dozens of countries around the world. Involving and painting murals or printing stickers. In their murals, the message is the most important, the work is focused on minimalist forms and subdued colors.

The concept of this large-format mural, workshops at creative writing workshops organized for young people in Praga Północ. Currently, in Warsaw you can find many murals made by the Loesje group, so it is worth the one from Stalowa to be the first.

The workshop and mural were funded by the Praga Północ District and thanks to the support of Praga Culture.


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