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Brzeska Street is an excellent trail of backyard chapels. The statue of Our Lady of Brzeska 21 stands in a wooden box glazed on three sides. It was funded by the Terechs in thanksgiving for being saved from the Second World War. During the occupation, Ms. Eugenia avoided deportation to Germany thanks to hiding in the attic of a tenement house. Her husband lost an eye in the war, but survived. As a token of gratitude, he brought the statue of Our Lady on foot from Częstochowa. Above, on the tree, there is also a small box chapel.

Over time, the inhabitants began to put crosses, rosaries and pictures into the wooden box where the figurine is located. Not only them. To this day, in the glass chapel there is a picture of a soldier with the Mother of God, placed by a woman who lost her 19-year-old son in this place.

Above, on the tree, there is also a small box chapel. The pre-war inscription of a tailor’s shop has been preserved on the facade of the tenement house built at the end of the 19th century.

Source: https://warszawa.gosc.pl/doc/4611621.Maryja-spod-numeru-21

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Brzeska 21, 03-739 Warszawa

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