15 Seconds of Fame | dir. Małgorzata Haduch | June 15th

“15 Seconds of Fame” is an unprecedented creative study directed and choreographed by Małgorzata Haduch, marking the culmination of her 20-year career in the offbeat trend of performing arts.

The theme is focused on the key issue of time, both as a social phenomenon and as an element of stage composition. With this performance, we aim to explore the phenomenon of immediacy. We seek to evoke the pervasive immediacy that is not reflected in the performing arts. 

“15 Seconds of Fame” is an artistic protest against the pressure of immediacy, which diminishes the depth of experiencing emotions, interpersonal connections, and limits true presence in a single real space and the possibility of being together.

Upcoming shows: Stacja Praga, Zaokopowa 5, entrance from Zaokopowa

Saturday, June 15


Buy a ticket for 6:00 PM: https://tinyurl.com/mpucxv5v 

Buy a ticket for 8:00 PM: https://tinyurl.com/ycxm5jfj

Duration – approx. 15 minutes.

Director: Małgorzata Haduch
Cast: Kyrillos Aleksandrov, Marta Mietelska-Topór, Marta “Mandaryna” Wiśniewska, Agata Kamykowska, Sara, Katarzyna Wleciał, Agata Francuz
Scenographic Installation: Paweł Łubkowski
Lighting Design: Piotr Werewka
Costume Design: Jakub Wójcik
Dramaturgy: Adriana Markowska
Coordination: Jurgita Zaikauskas
Production: Crush On Trash Foundation
Partnership: Teatr Łaźnia Nowa
Media Patronage: Radio Kraków

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