Ethnic Echoes at Stacja Praga | June 16

On Saturday, June 16, Stacja Praga will resonate with sounds inspired by ethnic music.

During the Ethnic Echoes event, three bands will accompany you, creating imaginative musical pictures using traditional vocal techniques and ancient instruments enhanced by contemporary means of expression.

TICKETS >> https://goout.net/…/ethnic-echoes-cory-mary…/szdvagx/

Córy Mary is a quartet of musicians playing neofolk. The band’s members are passionate about discovering archaic songs, but they don’t stop at reconstruction, intertwining tradition with their own artistic vision. The melancholic-trance musical landscapes of Córy Mary are centered around Slavic ritual music. Their songs feature polyphony combined with accompaniment of traditional instruments. The musical diversity is complemented by a mix of structured pieces with vocal-instrumental improvisations.

Córy Mary – YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/CóryMary
Córy Mary | Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4HcnVxwoOWXIHPQGJYlkqG

To define what Mantrio is, is like trying to grasp the shadow of mockery in the eternal breath of time or to imagine the flip side of the moon. Undoubtedly, it would be easier to pinpoint the location of the big bang, or even simpler, to calculate its exact duration, than to precisely determine what Mantrio is.

Some claim it’s a two-person trio, which is not true. Others argue they play Slavic music, which also misses the mark. According to some, their music is atmospheric, and they may have a point (to some extent). But what does it mean for music to be “atmospheric”? There’s no correct answer to that question. However, there’s no wrong answer either.

Mantrio – YouTube: https://youtu.be/Bgr4u-bepek?feature=shared

Mantrio – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mantrioofficial

Soil Troth to własna interpretacja gatunku pagan ambient, czasem poszerzona o działania wykraczające poza medium muzyki. Skupia się przede wszystkim na wykorzystaniu field recordingu, syntezy granularnej, wokalu inspirowanego technikami śpiewu białego oraz kulningu, a także grze na lirze korbowej. Dźwięki są czasem modyfikowane efektami, aby wprowadzić słuchacza w hipnotyczny, pogański, dronowy świat przedstawiony.

https://soil-troth.bandcamp.com/track/antlered https://niezal-sprzymierzonych.bandcamp.com/…/utricular…

Ticket prices: 35 PLN pre-sale, 45 PLN at the door

Ticket sales: https://goout.net/…/ethnic-echoes-cory-mary…/szdvagx/

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