An invitation for the exhibition – Praktis – Extras

On behalf of us and the artist Przemysław PRAKTIS Sieńko, we invite you to the extraordinary exhibition “Extras”

EXTRAS – a creation of the artist’s imagination, depicting the abyss of non-existence as a background for the gray mass. Born from deep darkness and destructive thoughts and undesirable feelings that do not leave it, it takes the form of an artificial model imitating a human figure.
Extras, or more precisely, the extensive world of speculations about them and rumors of which they are an inexhaustible source, is abstractly gray, boring, and at best bland. Extremely indifferent, devoid of all human reflexes and emotions due to their origins strongly associated with them. Craving out of his skin to devote himself to absentmindedness alternating with a cold, dispassionate lifestyle. They grow into inertia and emptiness, thus falling into the vastness of commonness. Their faces seem blurry, but strangely clear, resembling the faces of human beings in constant rush. They are not subject to the specter of passing time, perfectly adapting their appearance to the period in which they currently exist.
About the author:
Przemysław PRAKTIS Sieńko, an artist with an exceptional talent, will take us into the mysterious world of Extras. His works, combining various art techniques, are a mixture of abstraction, futurism, comics and realism. Over the years, he has created his unique style, which he now shares with us.

When? Friday, September 22 at 7:00 p.m

Where? Stacja Praga, a creative space full of inspiration – Zaokopowa 5
Join our extraordinary world where Extras and their mysterious presence are waiting for you. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of Przemysław Sieńko. Don’t miss this event!

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