Artistic Arts Confrontation – DIALOG

Artistic Arts Confrontation – DIALOG (last meeting) Dialogue is incredibly important in social, cultural, and artistic life. It is the interaction between two or more people in which participants exchange thoughts, ideas, feelings, and information. But is dialogue truly present in our lives? Do substantive arguments reach us? Are we seeking common solutions, compromises? Or are we completely closing ourselves off in our own small worlds, within media bubbles? Is the weaker party at a disadvantage, or does it have a chance to prevail against arbitrary decisions of the stronger and the brutal rat race when its arguments are valid? How do the local artists feel about this? How do they want to tell this story? We will find out on October 8th during the final Artistic Arts Confrontation in this edition. We meet as usual at 3 PM at Stacja Praga to create together or individually our interpretations of the main theme.

Artists, creative individuals, we invite you to take action – write to us if you want to create your works during the event. We provide the necessary materials. The works we create will be displayed at the final exhibition on October 14th, on Saturday, also at Stacja Praga at Zaokopowa 5. A video documenting our creative process will also be produced. Want to participate in the Confrontation? Contact us! info@stacjapraga.pl

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Artistic Arts Confrontation is a meeting of different creative worlds, different philosophies, techniques, and communities. It is an opportunity for exchanging experiences and joyful collaboration. At times, it resembles a ring smeared with red paint, and at other times, a museum of modern art.

LOCATION: Stacja Praga An independent cultural center run from the grassroots by a collective of enthusiasts and lovers of Warsaw’s Praga district. In the garages of the historic tram depot, we run creative workshops, a music studio, and a community center with a workshop program for people of all ages. Here, we organize exhibitions, events, concerts, and cultural activities. You can buy non-alcoholic beverages here, or you can bring your own snacks. Entrance from 5 Zaokopowa Street, in the courtyard. www.stacjapraga.pl www.instagram.com/stacja.praga www.facebook.com/stacjapraga1648

Public task entitled Artistic Arts Confrontation III co-financed from the budget of the Masovian Voivodeship

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