Exhibition titled ‘Extras’ by Przemysław Sieńko PRAKTIS

“(…) Their faces appear as if blurred, yet strangely distinct, deceptively resembling the countenances of human beings caught in perpetual motion. They defy the specter of passing time, flawlessly adapting their appearance to the era in which they find themselves existing. (…)

Last Friday marked the inauguration of the exhibition titled ‘Extras’ by Przemysław Sieńko PRAKTIS. The work, executed using various techniques and materials, leads us to reflect and delve deep within ourselves in a constantly moving world.

The exhibition will only be available until Friday. It is located in two rooms – Frenchcore and the new garage, the last one on the right. Join us at Stacja Praga, 5 Zaokopowa Street!

#art #newmedia #streetart #face #extras

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