Human machine relations – upcoming exhibition

MECH Formation and friends invite to the opening of the exhibition 6th of May (Saturday) at 6 pm.

The human-machine relation is a complex spectrum of interconnections. Technology allows us to overcome many limits and improve life’s quality. At the same time, it’s bringing up many uncertainties and fears by strengthening human weaknesses. This constantly evolving relationship gives us questions such as:

– How the automatization influences our mental health?

– What truths about human nature are revealed in the Internet era?

– How does creativity transform when supported by the work of integrated circuits?

– What abilities and barriers does the development of technology give us?

The creators of our exhibition dive into this topic in an empirical manner. They use modern tools to confront and improve their art.

Come to the world where the artist exceeds her/his capabilities with or in spite of technology. The AI moved by human words generates memes and poems, virtual reality offers immersion in alternating layers of art, and AR filters allow us to see a new level of the visual sphere. And maybe you will visit the room that thinks?

╰• exhibition open in May: •╯

· 6th | opening at 6pm

· from 7th to 12th | 4pm-8pm

· 13th | Night of Museums | 12pm-02am

· 14th | Night of Museums | 12pm-6pm

Stacja Praga

An independent community center run by a collective of enthusiasts and lovers of art and Warsaw’s Praga district.

In the garages of the historic tram depot, we run creative studios, a music studio and a workshop programs for people of all ages. Here we organize exhibitions, parties, concerts and cultural events.

You can buy non-alcoholic drinks from us.

Entrance from ul. Zaokopowa 5, in the backyard.




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