Upcoming event – Festiwal Inżynierów

Warsaw is changing day by day, new buildings are undergoing the revitalization process, and new buildings are being built at a rapid pace. Many characteristic buildings have disappeared from the landscape of the capital in recent years – some were demolished by their owners, others destroyed as a result of the war, and others for the sake of modern investments. In the midst of galloping development, it’s easy to overlook the history of the places we pass every day…

The Festival of Engineers is an event that will take us back in time to the old atmosphere of Praga Północ. The backyard at Inżynierska Street will regain its former splendor and will delight with its history
It was in this place that the first Warsaw tram depot was located, from which in 1866 the first Warsaw tram set off to the street – then still horse-drawn! Today, thanks to the work of social activists, artists and enthusiasts, the empty buildings are full of life again!
This is the second edition of our event, which in 2022 was the official opening of our independent cultural center. Praga Station is the new heart of Warsaw street art, which from week to week disenchants the deserted tram depot, giving it the right color! #streetart
The Festival of Engineers will take place on July 15 and will last from 12:00 to 20:00.
The program includes, among others:

Exhibitions: (12-20)

  1. Internet does not exist;

Installations: (12-20)

  • “A room that thinks”
  • “ART VR” – virtual artistic reality, in which we will paint on virtual trains.
  • Kiosk Forest

Live music: (12-20)

Throughout the day we will play music that resounds in the Praga Station! The announced artists include:

  • Band Mitchipacola, Jagosz, Heniek Małolepszy, DJ sets, among others Magdala, Antoni Janas, James Woodman and others

Artistic workshops

  • Our dream backyard
  • Sticker workshops
  • Comic workshops (16-18)
  • Plates and Mates culinary workshops
  • Animations for children and teenagers (e.g. Mobile school prepared by GPAS)
  • Workshops with AfroDance (20:00)

Additional attractions

  • Workshops
  • Mini vintage rally (including VW T2 and London Taxi!)
  • The position of OUR Intergenerational Clubhouse
  • Stalls with vintage items
  • Snack stalls

Accompanying events:

  • Opening of the intimate cinema of Station Praga (Projection of films, 13-18)
  • Chess tournament for the Praga Station Cup (12:30-15:00, Co-organizer Foundation of Non-banal Initiatives)
  • Street Art Debut Walk (12:00, led by Vlad)
    And of course, that’s not all we have prepared for you!
    So, see you on Saturday at Praga Station?
    He will be Sikalafa!
    Prague station
    Inżynierska 6 (entrance from ul. Zaokopowa 5)
    When? Saturday, July 15
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