A. Wróblewski’s shipping company in Nowa Praga (Inżynierska 3)

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A. Wróblewski’s transport company was established in 1875. They specialized in removals as well as storage and insurance of furniture. Adolf Wróblewski’s company was part of the international group Allgemeiner Moebeltransport Verband based in Vienna. The warehouses they had at Marszałkowska Street turned out to be too small and in 1910 four storage buildings were built in Nowa Praga. The first three were erected in 1910 and the fourth in 1914.

Since then, the warehouses have been in private hands.In 1944, however, the buildings were nationalized to be used as warehouses for the State Management of the Abandoned Property.Currently, the building houses art studios and cultural institutions.Paweł Alhamer, a famous Polish sculptor, has been living and creating since 1997.One of the buildings burned down completely in 2013, along with the “Sen Pszczoły” club.


New Praga Creativity Center

The area covering the complex from ul.Inżynierska, up to ul.Targowa 80 is covered by the 2017-2020 revitalization program (Integrated Revitalization Program).It includes a major renovation of the historic outbuilding at ul.Targowa 80 and the reconstruction of the burnt outbuilding at ul.Inżynierska 3. The center will aim to promote and support the development of the creative sector.

Currently, there are numerous workshops and headquarters of the organization in the space.

These include: PUNKT 77 cafe and gallery;Cafe Melon and bookstore;ZAPALGO workshop;The best homemade dinners The Pearl of Praga Paweł Bownik’s studio;Nizio architectural studio;Michał Płoski Design studio and many others. We warmly invite you to visit this place!

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