Shrine on the Ząbkowska 12 street

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The shrine is on the front wall of the building. Most likely, the statue of Mary was placed in the year when the tenement house was built, i.e. at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Until the Second World War, the Jewish community was the owner and the main tenants of the tenement house. This is evidenced by the mezuzah leftover on the frame of the staircase door in the outbuilding. IN In the mid-1920s, there was a Jewish house of prayer in the building, so placing a statue of Mary on the front wall may come as a surprise. The figurine was supposed to encourage Christians to rent apartments at this address, it was also a symbol of openness to various cultures and religions in the district. It is worth mentioning that the original statue of Mary was lost after the war. The one that is currently located was purchased in 2001, during the revitalization of part of Ząbkowska Street.

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Kapliczka Ząbkowska 12,

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