Shrine on the Brzeska 11 street

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A statue of the Virgin Mary located in the first yard. It was established in 1943 as indicated by the inscription “AD 1943” on the plinth. In the same year, the residents of Praga from this address contributed to the construction of Virgin Mary on Brzeska 17 A. During the occupation, after closing the gates, people prayed at the chapels for a quick start of the war. In this city, many residents of Muranów (district on left side of Vistula) , where the Warsaw ghetto was located, were relocated to Brzeska Street. In the book “Shrines of Warsaw”, thre is a story of a woman from 11 Brzeska Street, who hid a Jew in a basement. He survived the war and asked to be baptized. In the backyard, under the same lampshades, there is a small wooden shrine with an image of the Mother of God.

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Kapliczka, Brzeska 11

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