Shrine on the Targowa 44 street

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The shrine is located in the first yard, next to the wall, to the left of the entrance. In the niche there is a blue painted box with yellow rays in the shape of triangles. It is the glow that radiates from the figure of Mary standing behind the glass.

Targowa 44

The location itself is worth mentioning. Targowa 44 was once called the pearl of Praga North. The tenement house was built before 1914 at the request of the Kosanowicz family. At that time, it was considered one of the most elegant in the area. In 1922 the property was purchased by the Kwasieborscy. Rich decorations of the building, intertwining elements of various architectural styles, from modernism to baroque, made the place delightful.

The plot at 44 Targowa Street was divided into a residential part and a working-class part with warehouses and factory buildings. Before and shortly after the Second World War, a shop with elegant hats from the Mieszkowski family operated here. Ferdynand Goetel, a writer and journalist, also lived here. In the 1930s, it was loud about the lavish parties he organized. The Warsaw elite appeared there.

The tenement house survived World War II, unfortunately the times of the Polish People’s Republic were not kind to her. Decorations were then handcrafted, destroying its architectural decor. Its remains can be admired in the gateway. At the beginning of the 21st century, the outbuildings of the second courtyard were demolished.

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Kapliczka, Targowa 44

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