Large pot… of support – Saturday’s event at Stacja Praga


We invite all enthusiasts for whom Stacja Praga is a place of unique meetings, long-term friendship and a large dose of creativity.
As you probably know, the operation of the Station in the well-known place at Zaokopowa 5 is at risk. This is sad news for us, so let’s meet and together show that the Station is great

On Saturday afternoon we are organizing a Gar of Support, an open meeting for every person who supports the Station’s initiative, and our friendly group Plates&Mates (https://www.instagram.com/plates_mates/) from the Polish Migration Forum will treat us all to hot soup on this occasion. ! Autumn has finally arrived, and nothing will bring you in like a good soup with… a pot of support!

Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/985491552508772/

During the event, we will make available a new garage where we want to leave our thoughts, observations and dreams related to the Station on the walls! Will you join?

For people who do not yet know what fate awaits the Station, but also, among others, Eastern Studio, let’s give some context:

  • We have had a comprehensive space revitalization project for 4 years.
  • For 2 years since we have been here, we have been praised for the great job we do. We even received a distinction from the Management Board of the Praga-Północ District Office of the Capital City of Warsaw. Warsaw as one of the best non-governmental organizations in the district.
  • We operate grassroots, socially, and are non-commercial. We have our own crazy idea and plan that not hundreds, but thousands of people have been convinced by.

We have also had information for two weeks – there is a door there, we would like to thank you. The district has decided to sell the property where the Praga Station is located.

This is not how it should be. We do not know whether those in power are aware that by acting without dialogue and with such contempt for grassroots initiatives, they are awakening the true spirit of creativity and social rebellion. We know for sure that many people will fight for this place until the end – we start this Saturday

Prague deserves our determination in this matter, because Prague is our home!

So, who are we seeing at the support soup?

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