New Film: 81 Stopni (81 degrees)

We are pleased to present another film related to Praga Północ. This time we took a peek into the artistic space: ,,81 degrees”, which is the workplace of exceptional artists, but also an art gallery and the office of the Hokus Pokus Association.

The gallery

The gallery connects creative people, remains open to various artistic expressions, and most of all is authentic and without bloat.How is it formed in Praga Północ?How did the artistic adventure of the artists who started creating in Praga begin?Where are the inspirations from?The following artists will answer these and other questions: Chris, Weronika, Justyna and Tomek.

A compendium of knowledge about the tenement house at ul. Kłopotowskiego 38 can also be found on our website at this link: LINK



PS. We hope that after the pandemic we will all meet for a joint review of films about Praga

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