“Psychological Evenings: Why Are We Fascinated by Serial Killers?”

We invite you to the next meeting from the series of Psychological Evenings, which will take place on May 22nd!

This time, we’ll delve into the topic of serial killers and why subjects related to death, murder, mystery, and spine-chilling stories fascinate us so much ☠️

During the event, we’ll answer questions such as:

❓ What is the psychological basis of fascination with serial killers?

❓ How does mass culture influence interest in death and killing?

❓ What is murderbilia and how does it manifest?

❓ What factors influence people’s desire to engage in so-called dark tourism?

❓ What causes some individuals to develop hybristophilia, a disorder of sexual preferences?

❓ Why is the true crime genre breaking popularity records?

We’ll address the questions above and others posed by you during Wednesday’s meeting 📍

See you at 8:00 PM at Zaokopowa 5!

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