The Targowa Creativity Center is launching the 2nd edition of the Warsaw Creative Slam program, where you can present your project or business idea and receive support in refining it during the program. Awards are available for the best ideas and projects! Are you active or looking for your place in the creative industry? Or […]

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Welcome to the third edition of the Engineers’ Festival – an extraordinary event that uncovers the charm and history of Praga Północ.  Our courtyard celebration will take place as always in the historic buildings on Inżynierska Street, where every day we create a space full of inspiration and creativity together. Join our creative team or […]

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Performing the future – trail theater workshop with Neil Royston

Do you want to meet a renowned actor with film and theater experience – Neil Royston? Neil Royston – experienced in theatre, film, radio, and television. Worked for the BBC alongside Brendan Gleeson. Love and fatherhood meant he would move to live with his future wife in Switzerland. There he worked as an English teacher, […]

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Preparty at Stacja Praga – Czapińscy

As with any pre-party, the later plans are up to you! 🎵 The sounds from the Praga alley will be taken care of by: Czapińscy! Pete & Piscore, a synergetic duo of sound explorers. We have joined forces to offer a magical sensation The track selection covers a wide spectrum of styles, focusing on specific […]

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Exhibition of Beata Sosnowska’s Paintings: SPRING

The paintings of Beata Sosnowska presented in the SPRING exhibition engage in a dialogue with the myth of the goddess, Mother Nature, and the Mother Woman who gives life and builds connections with nature. At the same time, they reveal the brutality and power inherent in the female body and nature itself. This force is […]

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“Psychological Evenings: Why Are We Fascinated by Serial Killers?”

We invite you to the next meeting from the series of Psychological Evenings, which will take place on May 22nd! This time, we’ll delve into the topic of serial killers and why subjects related to death, murder, mystery, and spine-chilling stories fascinate us so much ☠️ During the event, we’ll answer questions such as: ❓ […]

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INNER JOURNEY – Forest at Night

“Inner Journeys” is an immersive experience that will take you on a magical journey deep within yourself. The practice will guide you into a deep relaxation, a meditative state of wandering through the landscape of your imagination. The facilitator’s voice, along with live instrument sounds, will gradually help you relax your body, quiet your mind, […]

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Freakmarket Warsaw #19″ is happening today

Freakmarket Warsaw #19″ is happening today! Come to Praga Station, where independent markets have been passionately organized from the grassroots for the past 5 years, running from 12 PM to 7 PM! 🔥 This edition is inspired by the equinox and the abundance of the diverse people showcasing their creations. We’re sharing our DIY products, […]

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