Exhibition of Beata Sosnowska’s Paintings: SPRING

The paintings of Beata Sosnowska presented in the SPRING exhibition engage in a dialogue with the myth of the goddess, Mother Nature, and the Mother Woman who gives life and builds connections with nature. At the same time, they reveal the brutality and power inherent in the female body and nature itself. This force is not only creative but also destructive.

Spring, as a season, is a time of hope and anticipation, inextricably linked with the birth of life and the cyclical nature of this process. Spring, as a metaphor, also represents the destructive force of nature, which can not only give life but also take it away. A significant role in this is played by human beings, who disrupt the existing rhythm of the seasons.

The exhibition features works created using mixed techniques, including acrylic paints, gouaches, as well as sprays and acrylic markers.

The exhibition will be on display until June 25th.

🕰 WHEN: June 13th – June 25th , people start gathering weekly around 6:00 PM.

📍 LOCATION: Stacja Praga, entrance from Zaokopowa Street.


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