6th Warsaw Kolmpro: Collective Improvisation”

Another edition of collective improvisation is ahead of us!

The stage of Stacja Praga opens up to all individuals interested in collective improvisation. Performances offer the opportunity for freedom of expression, shared stage experience, trust, acceptance, and joy of coexistence. We step onto the stage with individuals whose paths have crossed ours, observing and playing out whatever unfolds together. The shows are not meant to amaze or astonish; they don’t need to be anything in particular. It’s a space without expectations. We invite curiosity and mindfulness.

🌺 Those who have attended previous editions and are familiar with the format can sign up directly in the pinned post. 🌺 And for new participants interested in collective improvisation, here’s the breakdown:

⭐ On stage, you can participate as: • Mover – making movements (standing still is also a movement) • Sounder – making sounds (whistling counts as a sound too)

🎭 Each willing individual will be assigned to one group (or two groups if they express interest in being both a mover and a sounder, with one performance as a sounder and another as a mover). Groups consist of 3-5 people. Each group is allocated a time slot (approximately 15 minutes), during which members are tasked with playing their roles in any way they choose. Improvised music and movement performances are interspersed with 10-minute breaks.

⭐⭐⭐ HOW TO JOIN? ⭐⭐⭐ • Sign up online by commenting on the pinned post, stating your preferred role (mover/sounder/both). REGISTRATION IS OPEN UNTIL MAY 24! • Follow the event to check the group assignments. Groups will be announced on the day of the event. • Arrive at Stacja Praga to perform. You can bring your preferred instruments and/or props. (Please be punctual!)

We also welcome the audience – watchers – you don’t have to perform to join in creating the space. Your eyes, ears, senses, and reactions are equally valuable.

» Note! By signing up as a performer, you agree to the recording and sharing of your image in the form of audio/video recordings and photos.

⚙️ If you’re interested in: – helping organize the event – taking photographs – recording videos Please contact the organizers (Zuzana Las / Lena Starmach). All hands on deck are welcome!

📍 LOCATION: Stacja Praga, entrance from Zaokopowa 5. 🕧 WHEN: May 25th at 6:30 PM 💸 ENTRANCE: Pay what you wish”

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