When will you start to sing? – Poem meeting

Welcome to an event centered around the book “When You Start to Sing.” It can be described as a poetic report in the form of drama. The book, authored by Aleksandra Dańczyszyn, was published in June.

A few words from the author: “From the very first moments of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, I followed media reports and social media. I collected the voices of Ukrainians to preserve and convey them in this book. I believe that literature has the power to save – even from oblivion. In this way, I want to pay tribute to the fallen and the affected. Let’s remember their names.”

Words from Andrii Lubka, a Ukrainian writer and poet: “This poetry is terribly contemporary and modern, yet it emerges from the roots of the oldest Slavic literature. From chronicles and chronicles that, in refined rhythmic prose whose structure resembled the poetic foundations of biblical storytelling, told of bygone times. Our tragedy is that Aleksandra is not talking about the past but about our days, our lives. This is an important poetic voice, insightful, sincere. These words are dry and sparse, as if etched in stone. And they speak of one thing: terrible times when people have to endure inhuman dramas.”

When? Thursday, September 7th at 7:00 PM

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/191057113981782

About the author: Aleksandra Dańczyszyn – poet and Polish literature scholar. In 2015, she represented Poland at the International Poetry Festival Transpoésie in Brussels. Her poems have been translated into French, Flemish, Ukrainian, and English. She has published three poetry books: “Kochanie” (2020), “tiszert z Bangladeszu” (2023), “kiedy zaczniesz śpiewać” (2023).

The event is open, and admission is free.

Event link on Facebook: https://fb.me/e/2VwAvx10G

Location: Stacja Praga Zaokopowa 5

You are welcome to join!

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