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The Warsaw Mechanical Bakery at 2/4 Stolarska Street was established at the very beginning of the 20th century, around 1900. Since then, it has stood unchanged.
The most characteristic point of the building are the two chimneys towering over the entire property.
The façade is decorated with ceramic bricks.
In 1936 the bakery belonged to Stefan Wiechowicz, who supplied the inhabitants of Praga with fresh bread every day. The owner died in 1943 in the concentration camp at Majdanek.
The bakery survived World War II and after the war, you could smell a freshly baked bread roll in the vicinity of the building every day.
The equipment of the bakery is in perfect condition.
There was a huge furnace inside the building that took 48 hours to light up.


In 2010, the creation of the Warsaw Bakery Museum inside was considered, but no plans were implemented and the building began to fall into ruin.
In October 2012, Tomasz Purchała leased and started working on renovation bakery. The place has been reactivated as the event venue “Wypieki Kultury”. Since the closing of “Wypieki Kultury” in 2015, it has been discussed how the abandoned bakery building can be used.
Until now, there are no plans to reactivate the place.

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Mechanical bakery Stolarska 2/4,

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