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The first buildings in this place were built in 1896 or 1899 (sources state two different dates) for the “Praga” Chemical Plant Joint Stock Company.

Many factories were built on Szwedzka Street. Even before World War I, the production area occupied the entire row of real estates on Szwedzka Street from No. 22 to 34. The buildings with brick facades that have survived to this day come from that period. Perhaps it was also then that a high 83-meter chimney was built that has survived until today.
From 1919, the factories were taken over by various companies. All of them were outposts of the German concern “Schicht”, which through them took over more and more shares of the plant. In 1926 “Schicht” took over all control of the plant. And since 1928 the name has been: Przemysł Tłuszczowy “Schicht” S.A. In the 1920s, factory buildings were erected to the north of the former “Praga” works. Additionally, in 1929, the buildings of the former Brunner Brothers factory on the corner of Szwedzka and Strzelecka Streets were taken over. The plant occupied almost the entire even side of Szwedzka Street.

In 1930, the English company “Unilever” Ltd. joined the company. This resulted in the change of the name to Przemysł Tłuszczowy “Schicht-Lever” SA. In 1935, the construction of buildings at Szwedzka 18/20 began.

Post-war period

During World War II, the factory buildings were significantly damaged. The post-war reconstruction was completed in 1950, when production was restarted. From 1971, the cosmetics company “Pollena – URODA” was located there, but in 2002 it moved its plants to Wrocław. However, already in 2005, the Spaniards inherited the plot and decided to turn the old factory into a modern housing estate.
There are only a few buildings left of the former “Praga” factory buildings located in the north-western part of the property, including: a boiler room, a glycerine plant, a tub department and a brewhouse. There is also the mentioned historical chimney on the premises.

Another owner and a Spanish developer intended to build a housing estate referring to post-industrial development. In accordance with the recommendation of the provincial inspector of monuments (because in 2005 the objects were entered into the register of monuments), the investor had to keep the original frontage from the side of ul. Swedish building and six internal buildings as well as a high chimney.


Currently, the Bohema complex is being built there, i.e. a seven-storey residential complex. The revitalized buildings of the factory from the 19th century will be supplemented with new buildings. The whole will create a unique zone in which there will be apartments, offices and commercial and service spaces, as well as space for cultural and social activities.
Come and see what the globally unique Bohema project – Szwedzka 20 looks like.


Fabryka Schichta, Szwedzka 16

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