PIGMENT” Paint Factory at 9 Kawęczyńska Street

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At the beginning of the 1920s, at 9 Kawęczyńska Street, production began at Fabryka Farb Drukarskich “PIGMENT”. Inks, printing chemicals and dyes were produced here. The company employed 30 people.

After the printing inks company, the building was taken over by the “Napoli” pasta factory. It was then that people started producing pasta, mustard, sauces and other food products.

In the following years, Fabryka Kondensatorów i Oporów operated in the buildings “Inż. A. Horkiewicz ”. resistors, capacitors, measuring devices and radios.

The building survived World War II and in 1962 the name of the factory was changed to Warszawska Fabryka Farb Graficznych – “Polifarb”.


The long brick building at Kawęczyńska Street is a well-preserved factory building from the 20th century.
Currently, a residential and service complex is being created in the building, in which modern architecture will be combined with pre-war buildings.

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Fabryka Farb Drukarskich, Kawęczyńska 9

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