Rubber Products Factory “Polgum” at 11 Listopada 22

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Plac przy 11 Listopada 22 został kupiony przez Samuela i Sendera Ginsburgów, którzy w 1918 założyli w tym miejscu fabrykę wyrobów gumowych „POLGUM”.

In the vicinity of 1920, the construction of the main hall began, which produced, among others, rubber toys, bicycle and motorcycle inner tubes, seals and heels. The company was so large that it had representative offices in Kraków, Łódź, Gdańsk, Białystok, as well as in Lublin.
The buildings are a bit chaotic, with no homogeneous style, which indicates that the factory was expanded in different years.
In 1936, the factory employed 300 workers and 25 office workers.
The factory survived the Second World War, and in 1950 the plant was nationalized and incorporated into the Chemical Products Plant of the Local Industry. In 1922, the “Pragmet” factory operated at the same address, corresponding to the present properties 18 to 22.


Currently at this address we can find a lot of cultural and artistic places such as Academia Theater, Hydrozagadka Club, Skład Butelek and Hostel Fabryka.
Thanks to these places, one of the most fashionable and entertaining places in Warsaw was created on the square.

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PolGum, 11 Listopada 22

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