Ruins of the steam mill at ul. Brzeska 8

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Between Brzeska and Markowska Streets there are ruins of the steam mill buildings. It was established in 1899 by the company Schutz i Parzyński.

The main purpose of the four-story structure was the production of wheat flour, but other products were also produced.

In 1930, apart from the mill, there were also companies trading in grain: “Armanik” and “Zboż i Mąka”. In 1934, a fire broke out in the building, which contributed to the collapse of the company in its then shape, and the production of groats under the company “Praski Młyn Elektryczny” was started in the property taken over by Bank Handlowy.

The 40’s

During the war, the mill was a shelter for many people of Jewish origin. Unfortunately, the hardships of the war significantly damaged the structure of the mill, which required specialist knowledge and equipment to restart it. After the liberation of the city, the repair was undertaken by four engineers: Gajewski, Zych, Cebulski and Lewicki. Their efforts, so necessary in the difficult post-war reality, paid off and the company started to produce food products again.

In 1948, the plant was nationalized, focusing on the production of buckwheat. In the 1970s, the mill ceased its operation as a result of the launch of a modern mill at Płochocińska 65.


Only a few fragments of the old mill structure remain. Unfortunately, they are not protected and the historical remains are consumed by destructive weather conditions and fires.

In 2010, Rafał Betlejewski (Artist and performer) painted the inscription “I miss you Jew” on the wall of the decaying mill, which referred to the occupation history of this place.

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Młyn parowy oraz składy fabryczne Schultza i Parzyńskiego, Brzeska 8

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