Factory of the Polish Rubber Industry “PePeGe”

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The building at 14 Otwocka Street was erected around 1916.
It is one of the oldest industrial buildings in Praga-Północ.
In the first years of operation, marmalade was produced here, and later canned food was processed. In 1921, the “Polonit” Rubber Products Factory Society operated here.
The plant produced very light footwear, which today would be called sneakers, but then, due to the name of the factory, they were called “PePeGi”

Second World War and after

The factory managed to survive the Second World War, after which it was nationalized and transformed into a meat processing plant. It is mistakenly said that sneakers were produced here during the Polish People’s Republic.
In the 90’s the complex began to fall into disrepair.
In 2003, the factory buildings were renovated and the now defunct “Fabryka Trzciny” cultural and artistic center was established by Wojciech Trzciński.
The name referred to the name of the former owner, Wojciech Trzciński, a famous Polish composer of popular, film and theater music
The old factory gained a second life and the art center functioned until 2016.
In 2017, the site was taken over by a new tenant and created another cultural center, “Mała Warszawa”. There are two concert halls, a conference room, bars, exhibition space, restaurant and parking space on the premises.

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PePeGe, Otwocka 14,

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