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“O Mother! Obtain our forgiveness, peace and love for the Lord Jesus. 1908”
The Praga Madonna is a life-size statue located in a niche in a tenement house at the corner of Ząbkowska and Korsaka Streets. The sculpture, set on a sandstone plinth, is the work of Feliks Giecewicz.
In the past, a wooden cross stood in its place, symbolizing the burial place of the victims of the Prague sculpture or the place where Tadeusz Korsak died on November 4, 1794. The chapel was funded by the employees and owners of the “Labor” plant, which produced metal products and enamelware. The Prague Madonna was supposed to protect the plant from collapse. The statue was previously located on the opposite side of the street. However, it took up too much space, which prevented the residents from moving freely. In 1943, permission was given to move it and place it in its present place.

Here is the parish priest’s letter:

“The local parish office does not mind that the statue of Our Lady, standing at the intersection of Kawęczyńska and Radzyminska Streets in the local parish, would be moved to the corner of Mr. Chojnowski’s house under construction, so that it would not protrude onto the pavement, with this reservation, however, that the current appearance of the monument will be preserved, with a plinth, openwork fence, gas lamps, etc. Because through such a shift, the figure moves from the public square to the private property of Mr. Chojnowski. He will have to accept a mortgage obligation on his and his successors’ behalf, that the figure cannot be removed from the place of the owners of the tenement house under construction. “

Warsaw, September 6, 1934
Fr. Antoni Hlond, pastor of the Basilica of the Heart of P.J.

In 2008, thanks to the initiative of Elżbieta and Adam Józikowski – residents of ul. Ząbkowska 54 the sculpture was renovated.

source: https://www.twoja-praga.pl/praga/kapliczki/1765.html

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Praska Madonna Ząbkowska/Korsaka, Warszawa

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