Factory of Armored Cash Units on ul. Strzelecka 30/32

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Gustaw Pulst bought two properties at Strzelecka Street. First, he became the owner of the property at number 28. With time, he acquired the property next door, on which he built a small factory building that exists to this day and is falling into ruin. Machines for industry were produced here
tobacco, wood, paper, food, bakery equipment or even grain dryers.
We do not know why the plant was taken over by Stanisław Zwierzchowski after World War I. The new owner entered into cooperation with his sons Alfred and Stanisław, and Halina Zwierzchowska. Under the new name “Stanisław Zwierzchowski i Sons”, they produced strongboxes, armored caskets, safes and devices for
Their business was going so well that, thanks to the money obtained from the production, they managed to build a modern tenement house at Stalowa 47 from scratch.

Post-war period

After the war, in 1947, Zwierzchowski contributed the factory as a contribution to the joint property of the “Skarbiec” labor cooperative.
Apparently, a cherry orchard used to grow between the factory and the tenement house.
For many years, the building deteriorated, overgrown with bushes and today it is falling into ruin.
The factory building has been empty for 20 years and has not been used by anyone. Inside you could find an empty safe, probably made in this factory. In 2012, the “Factory of Armored and Steel Concrete Cashiers. Stanisław Wierzchowski and Sons” was entered in the register of monuments.
It was found that the front elevation of the main hall has an artistic value and therefore is under conservation protection. It is supposed to be an example of an architectural form that was given to industrial buildings during the heyday of industrialism at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.
The factory halls were built with unplastered ceramic bricks, which adds to its charm.

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Strzelecka 30/32, 03-433 Warszawa

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