The “Franboli” factory at Śnieżna 2/4 street

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The brothers Franciszek, Bolesław and Ignacy Kiełbasiński started the confectionery factory “Franboli” in 1922. The name of the plant comes from their abbreviations. The originator was Bolesław Kiełbasiński, who opened the first confectionery shop right after World War I at
Marszałkowska 113. In 1922, he and his brothers set up his own workshop, which from the beginning grew rapidly, gaining a good reputation among the inhabitants.
The factory occupied both sides of Śnieżna Street, on the right side of the street entrance there is a factory building, and opposite the former office and residential building. In 1936, it employed about 140 employees and the sweets “Franboli” were compared with sweets from the Wedel factory, among others.
Interestingly, after the liberation of Praga, the factory was attached to the aforementioned plant, even before it was nationalized.

Post-war period

In the first days after World War II, Bolesław Bierut lived in the office building. Currently, the property is privately owned and leased by several tenants.

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Śnieżna 2/4 Warszawa

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