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Historic Wooden House

Nowa Praga was established in the mid-nineteenth century by order of Ksawery Konopacki, who owned the land. In connection with the construction of the Petersburg Railway Station and the connection between Warsaw and St. Petersburg, he decided to divide his land into plots and sell it for development. One of them was Środkowa Street, where most of the buildings were built before World War I.

Grandpa Lisiecki

The historic wooden house is located at 9 Środkowa Street. The building was built around 1879 or in 1915 (there are no clear sources). The first use of the house was the seat of the Municipal Court. However, in 1934, it was taken over by the Society of the Friends of Street Children run by Kazimierz Lisiecki. The square behind the house was used as an outdoor playground. This wonderful place was created by Kazimierz Lisiecki, who was warmly called “Grandfather.” At first, only boys, while 60 children were warm in the little hotel located in the attic. The youngest have been coming to the wooden house for over 80 years. From 1952, the Polish Red Cross was also located there.
Today it is the seat of the Team of Educational Centers for them. Grandpa Lisiecki. The facility is a place where families and children can count on social therapy. However, after-school activities and games take place in the new building, which stands in the same yard. The charges moved there in 2013, when it was decided to renovate the over 100-year-old house.

What will the building look like?

The renovation, however, began only in 2018. After the decontamination procedures and strengthening the wall structure, the installation of the shuttering, i.e. the external decking, was started. A new formwork is attached to the wall from the courtyard side, while the original material will be returned to the facade from ul. Central. The roof covering will be made of titanium-zinc sheet. The added element is a skylight located along the ridge. The dormer has already been enlarged, i.e. the lighting in the roof from the courtyard side. The frame windows will also be recreated in the historic building. The end of restoration works is planned for March 2021.
A hundred-year-old wooden house is not only a building, but also a vast, though slightly hidden backyard and green area. After renovation, the place is to invite all passers-by.

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