Praga Week Events


The exhibition “Invaders of the imagination”

Where? Centrum Praskie Koneser

Stand up at Pradze

Praga Centrum – start. 9 PM

On the first day of the week, we invite you to the exhibition of works by ANDRZEJ DUDZIŃSKI “Invaders of the Imagination”

Link: https://fb.me/e/2Ucs7UuH0

On Monday, an event organized in Praga Centrum will be an attractive proposition: Stand-up in Praga • Katarzyna Piasecka, Janusz Pietruszka

The offer of the 4 ROOMS club-cafe also promises to be interesting! We invite you to an experimental journey with the participation of the Elan Vital formation – the members of which are: Karol Błoński, Weronika Mietelska, Kamila Stępień, and guest Grzegorz Kielan.LINK -> https://fb.me/e/aWDrxQMU1


Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi

Show: ,,Róża ze Skaryszewskiej”

When? Tuesday, godz. 19:00


The performance is a journey through an animated album of memories. The main character is Mrs. Róża Karwecka, who lived in the tenement house at 10 Skaryszewska Street from 1945 until today. The building is located near the former Terespolski Railway Station and the present Eastern Railway Station.


Summer at Pradze

Where: Praga Centrum

This is your flag, our young friend! The White Army, this immortal classic will probably sound during the Summer at Praga Grande Finale • Beata Kozidrak • September 30, 2020 in Praga Centrum. We warmly invite you!



Thematic walk

When? Thursday

A thematic walk organized by Praska Ferajn entitled “Szmulowizna and Muzeum Chleba”. Szmulowizna – around this name there is an odium of amazingness and the attractive smell of forbidden attractions. contemporary and nineteenth-century, pre-war “town hall baroque” with contemporary blocks and communist housing estate, built against the regular network of streets.


Bałkańska Potupajka

W oparach absurdu

ul. Ząbkowska 6, Warsaw

Start: 21:30, Free!

Link: https://fb.me/e/5sRtBHMl2

On this day, we invite you to Balkan Potupajka with Malczikami. What can we say, just come and feel it on your own! The perfect plan to spend a Friday evening in a pleasant atmosphere with a beer and good music. The event will take place in W Oparach Absurdu




Start: 21:30

Link: https://fb.me/e/1BW5yFtYW

One of our favorite Praga classics! RETRO PARTY at Hydrozagadka

Tickets: 0pln – fb list till godz.23

10pln – fb list

*15pln – others


Where? Chmury

Where? Galeria Sztuki Stara Praga ul.Brzeskiej 6

It costs 650zł per person.

We invite you to the concert of Piotr Dąbrowski and MIR w Chmurach (Clouds). MIR is Old-New Wave, progressive punk, echo-rock, melody, pathos and dirt. Piotr Dąbrowski – He is first and foremost a sound practitioner, following the path of his own sense and experience, but never renouncing the fact that inspirations come from everywhere.

Co jeszcze?

The event called Furniture Renovation Workshops, which will last the entire weekend, is also very interesting, where we learn about traditional techniques of furniture renovation. We work on our own, brought with us a small piece of furniture such as a chair, armchair, table, cupboard, shelf, etc. Classes are held in a professional Furniture Renovation Studio

Oh, it’s happening in Praga! —- Please visit our virtual tours: https://stacjapraga.pl/spacery

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