Week schedule at Praga


Deyna na ul. Inżynierskiej 4

A painting of the outstanding Polish footballer, Kazimierz Deyna, on the wall of an old tenement house at 4 Inżynierska Street.


  • Grzejnik

Równa 9

This intriguing mural from 9 Równa Street was created in 2017. The work presents an old type radiator with the annotation “resistance”.


  • Wielka Gęś

Brzeska 14

The Great Goose mural has almost become an icon of street art in Praga. A colorful painting placed on an old tenement house at 14 Brzeska Street shows a large, white goose surrounded by funny creatures and animals.


  • Warsaw Fight Club

Środkowa 17

Warsaw Fight Club is a mural of a world-class artist from Ireland – Conor Harrington. It is located at ul. Central 17.


  • Ania & Małpi Gaj

Stalowa 50

At ul. Stalowa 50 you will find two murals located opposite each other -> A beautiful mural Ania and Małpi Gaj


  • Flagi i nie tylko

ul. 11 Listopada 22

The courtyard at 11 Listopada Street is a true field of art. On each wall we can find something interesting, there are many unusual places, incl. Clouds or Bottle Store. Interesting paintings and creative interventions could not be missing in such a place.


  • Mural przy ul. Szwedzkiej 2/4

Szwedzka 2/4

The mural was placed in January 2018 on the wall of one of the buildings of the Prague steel plant.

PS. Co dzieje się dookoła wszyscy widzimy. Apelujemy o spokój i szacunek do drugiego człowieka. Tylko tyle i aż tyle! 

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